Artist Spotlight: DVRKSIDE

Published on 21 October 2020 at 23:02


DJ and producer from Italy.

Supported by Nicky Romero, Showtek, Brooks and many others.


Released on EDMHouseNetwork and Before Eight Group.


Has over 160,000 streams on Spotify since April 2020.

In this month's artist spotlight we are going to focus on Italian DJ and producer DVRKSIDE, this talent has a interesting history in the underground EDM-scene. DVRKSIDE was formally known as Marco Noize, who kicked off his career back in 2018. Marco has had seven releases till March 2020, after that the Italian producer decided to rebrand to a more chiller vibe under the name DVRKSIDE. This new alias kicked off really great, he managed to sign two tracks to EDMHouseNetwork, a wellknown EDM-network and promotion service that also releases fresh tracks. It all kicked off with the first release 'Deep Vibes' which got released in April, it crossed over 70,000 streams on Spotify. In June, DVRKSIDE released 'All Night' which crossed over 80,000 streams and is slowly going towards the 100,000 streams on Spotify only. His most recent release Illusion together with Calax. Make sure to keep an eye out for this talent.


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