Top 5 labels that are worth to send your demo to in 2021

Published on 26 April 2021 at 13:00

With the EDM-industry drastically changing and many labels coming into the industry, we will help you with our personal top 5 record labels that are worth to send your demo to.

1. Seal Network


Seal Network is one of those labels who has been around for many years now, and with the recent rebrand, these boys have taken things next level. Their releases tend to do great on Spotify, reaching over 50K streams on almost every release.

2. House District Records


House District Records is probably one of the best underground festival labels out there, releasing many quality tracks by Ozgun, Castor & Pollux,

N?GMA and many other good underground artists. Their releases haven recieved big supports by the likes of Maurice West, KSHMR, Bassjackers and REGGIO.

3. Intensity Recordings


Having many unique releases by EMKR, Gaspar, Winning Team, TBR and many other wellknown names. Intensity is another great platform giving opportunities to unique beginners. Their new approach to quality over quantity tends to do good aswell.

4. Madox Records


Madox Records is another great label we would recommend, these boys have been stepping their game up and amaze us with what they have in store. Their releases get great support by Nicky Romero, EXTSY, EZUMI and others. 

5. Blasting Recordings


Despite this label being new in the scene, the label is pushing good quality releases and the artworks are just next level.